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Tee Lovelace

Licensed Social Work Associate Independent Clinical (LSWAIC)

Master of Social Work (MSW) - Seattle University 2019

Bachelor of Social Work (BASW) - Seattle University 2015

Family Support Studies Certificate (FSS) - Edmonds Community College 2012

'Why are you telling all your business to a stranger?' The amount of times I have been asked this by family, friends and co-workers, I really should be wealthy. I had to normalize for myself, processing through my life hood trauma, working through crippling anxiety and committing to showing up for myself while trusting another person to join me in my healing journey. I know that I won't arrive at a destination but make stops on the way to finding the beauty in the ashes of my heartaches, my trauma and my past that at one time felt as though it would destroy me. 

Healing can be difficult, can hurt at times and feel daunting, yet it is well worth it on the other side of your healing journey. My goal is to walk along side you as we build our therapeutic relationship and I am able to earn your trust every time we meet and share in time and space together. 


I have shared space and time with people over the life span that live with anxiety (social anxiety included), depression, low self-esteem, past to present trauma, mood disorders or just need help figuring out life. While I have used different therapeutic approaches and modalities, I do not ascribe to just one style or mode. We, as a team, will get to know one another and build our relationship in the therapeutic setting and will work together in a way that honors your past, present and your goals for the future.



Currently providing therapy services via telehealth only. Consultations are via telehealth or in person depending on situation.

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