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Therapy Services

Therapy services are offered from age 9 and up
Model Shouting
Individual Therapy:

One-on-one therapy where I work with your whole being with a holistic approach. You're the expert on your life and this is the space where you are able to walk in your truth and determine what is important to bring into each session. 


Have you found that you and your family are in need of support due to stress from external and/or internal factors? You are in the right place. Family therapy is going to work with the whole family from a holistic approach. This at times, may include individual sessions with whomever is a part of the therapeutic process yet the goal is to bring the whole family together to walk through this journey together. 


Does your child have symptoms of anxiety or depression? Are they having a difficult time in school navigating social relationships or academics? What about self-esteem issues? Being a child/youth is difficult with social media, coming out of pandemic living and making adjustments as they grow and learn more about the world and grow into their own person. 

Please note: Youth that are 13 or older in Washington State are able to consent to their own care/needs. 

F Therapy
I Therapy
CY Therapy

Only offering telehealth services at this time

Head in Hands
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